Phone: 417-712-3329


Phone: 417-712-3329

Pain Free Foods | Privacy Policy

 I offer ongoing support, offers, and periodic discounts to those who purchase here or subscribe to this site. Your email address will be used for that purpose and to reply to you when you have asked us questions or concerns. Each email from me allows you to “unsubscribe” permanently from my client list and we honor those “unsubscribe” requests. I do not rent, sell, give away or otherwise use your information in any way. 

Your home address is used to ship items to you that you have ordered and on rare occasion, mail you an offer or free sample. You may have us delete this information from our “send list” at any time as well. 

Your payment handling is done through a third party, secure, encrypted, payment gateway and we never have possession of your credit card or bank account information. Our processor will never contact you about anything other than a payment problem. 

Some people choose to order over the phone for convenience. Your credit card/shipping information is used in those cases to effect your order by putting it directly into our payment gateway as you state it to us over the phone. We do not record it in any other form or in any other way. As we then “enter” your payment request into the gateway it disappears from our terminal and is no longer available to us. We don’t record it. 


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